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What really is Australian Food?


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Australian food? what is in reality australian food, does australian food even exist? is often the debate happening in many discussion groups on the web.

Australian food has been strongly influence by hundreds of different cultures worldwide: english,italian,greek,spanish immigrants to say a few. Australian Immigrants have brought their traditional food from their home countries and this has been combined with Australian produce and styles resulting in a well renowned and unique fusion, is this australian food some ask.

The native 'Australian' Aboriginals too have influenced culinary Australia with their 'Bush Tucker' which means ' Australian Food ' so when you're planning your Australia visit, prepare yourself for some real local delicacies that are a combination of the familiar with the outrageous, maybe australian food. Some are trying to estabilish that Australian food is actually Aboriginal food as the only real and autentic australian food. Australian food or not it is hard to define.

Australian aborigines infact selected australian food which was available around thema nd ate it for nutritional purposes. There was no refrigeration or storage containers at that time in Australia. In every part of Australia, the local food knowledge of which australian food plants were edible, palatable, or delicious, as well as the best time for harvest, harvest and preparation methods, were passed down by word of mouth to the next generation. That was the real Australian Food for the aborigines.


If you are passing though Australia you may as well taste some of the animals that some consider this to be the ultimate australian food and when back home regret not to have had the opportunity to try. What australian food did you try?

Have you had Kangaroo meat, crocodiles or emus meat many are asked.  Crocodile meat though not common throughout Australia is available in some North Territory restaurants, perhaps as a novelty more then anything else and with some restaurants wanting to create Australian food based menus, that include Kangaroo and Emus. You might want to head off there to give that sort off australian food a try, maybe....

To a more conventional australian food, diary in Australia is very popular with a thriving cheese industry that exports worldwide. While we are talking about cheese, we can't fail to mention the wine produced in large amounts by its wine regions, which have gained a strong reputation overseas. In addition to it’s grapes, Australia regions are ideal for the growth of a good australian food range of fruits from apples and oranges to more exotic fruits like kiwi fruits, pineapples, bananas and mangoes.

So again Australia food .... Australia with its waterways has some fantastic fresh sea food which is cooked in a variety of unique ways. Two examples of popular australian food indulgence are Crayfish and Barramundi. Crayfish are a crustacean like lobster, but instead of large claws the Crayfish have a spiky exterior for defence. Barramundi, a tasty prized fighting fish, are a large fish found in both fresh and salt water especially in the North of Australia a real australian food love.

Damper is a more quintessential example of Australian food. It is a type of bread it was common amongst bush tucker (food) settlers. Macadamias are a tasty australian nut that is a popular duty free item when you're at an Australian airport so you might want to have have some of this australian fooddelight in your suitcase to show off at arrival.


For a true indigenous australian food experience you could try some traditional Aboriginal food like yams or grubs. You will probably have to be on a tour that involves finding yams or grubs in the appropriate region to sample this type of australian food.

Another well known australian food is certainly Vegemite : an Australian food yeast based spread, similar to the US Marmite. It has an extremely strong distinct taste that is either loved or disliked and some say, likely an acquired taste.
So...some great australian food that really is worth trying at least once, somethings you can only wish you tried once you have left the airport.

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